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2018 | Digital photo on canvas (250 x 150 cm), riding boots, single channel video projection (58 sec loop)

The work starts out from the famous Waldheim horse that was built to protest at Kurt Waldheim’s candidature for the Austrian presidency in 1986. Text material—in a variant of Futura which narrowly escaped becoming the Nazis’ go to font—has been fitted into the silhouette of the head and allowed to also become a mane.

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Capital Offence
2018 | Photo installation | Wallpaper, 12c pigment print (multiples of 90cm wide x 260 cm high) | 10 Lambda C-print 70 cm x 48 cm | 5 Lambda C-print 60 cm x 42 cm | All prints Dibond mounted

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FLUC Poster Project
2017 | Poster | Black & white | 140 x 85 cm

FLUC posters for DISPLAY PRATERSTERN project in connection with issues relating to the parliamentary election in Austria in October 2017.

Participating Artists:
Akram Al Halabi / Ovidiu Anton / Catrin Bolt / Anna Ceeh / Katrina Daschner / Petja Dimitrowa / Ines Doujak / Gregor Eldarb / Christian Egger / Scott Clifford Evans / Amina Handke / Anna Jermolaewa / Johanna & Helmut Kandl / Marcus Neustetter / Female Obsession / FXXXXX / Jianan Qu / Esra Özmen / Denise Palmieri / Katrin Plavcak / Oliver Ressler / Iv Toshain / Tim Sharp / Hansel Sato / Christina Werner Read More…

2015 | Installation for Vienna Festwochen

Ruprechtsstiege Project: a site-specific temporary installation with Lisl Ponger for the Hotel Metropole. Der Erinnerung eine Zukunft geben project of the Vienna Festwochen 2015.

The Hotel Metropole was situated on Morzinplatz in Vienna’s first district. A modern Jewish-owned hotel, it was confiscated by the Nazis after the 1938 Anschluss and turned into the largest Gestapo headquarters in the Third Reich. Nearby houses were used as Sammelwohnungen [collection or concentration housing] for Jews due to be transported to concentration and extermination camps.

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2015 | Post card contents: 2 first day covers, USA, Nov. 23, 1943 | 2 official postage stamps commemorating 100 years of agrarian reform, Mexico, 1966 | 2 Zapatista propaganda “postage” stamps, Mexico, 1995

Postcard for Vienna Festwochen.

Postcard project for Vienna Festwochen 2015: Hotel Metropole. Der Erinnerung eine Zukunft geben [Hotel Metropole. Giving Memory a Future]

The postcard is concerned with actual events and their official historical interpretation (the construction of myths and master narratives and the appropriation of icons and counter-narratives) in the Austrian context of Morzinplatz/Hotel Metropole (Second World War) and its wider implications and connections.

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The Bottom Line
2012 | Mid-twentieth century Czech suitcase: 71 x 40 x 21cm | Share and bond certificates, 90 Mexican mould-made black ceramic skulls, brass rods

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Naming the Game
2012 | “Game box”: 57 x 35.5 x 13 cm | 100 Mexican hand-made extruded plastic dice with hand-painted dots, brass rods, share and bond certificate emblems

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Bread and Salt
2012 | Text/image contribution to a fax exhibition on the notion of bread and salt as ritual gifts of welcome.

The text is a reaction to the exhibition statement: ‘Bread and salt are gifts that stand for good neighbourliness, for hopes of prosperity and for the notion of extending hospitality and protection to strangers’.

Further text material (PDF):

2012 | Wall newspaper, 312cm x 135cm + video loop, 20 sec.

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Matters of Fact
2011 | 7 prints, diasec, each 33 x 44 cm
© JL Diehl

Photo © J.L. Diehl

The series of seven photos shows details from abandoned clothing, furniture and other household articles. These personal chattels are located in an industrial building in Tivoli, Italy, which has long been empty. The images document one small part of the disintegrating former paper factory where discursive personal narratives of place, time and intention intersect with the more general categories of history, migration and homelessness. Who left these things here? Who regarded the space as a refuge and under what conditions did they leave? Despite the wealth of detail provided by the images, the series raises more questions that it can answer. They are evidence without explanation, a story with an open end. Read More…

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