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Selected texts by Tim Sharp:

2014 Carnivores and Herbivores, text for Lisl Ponger: The Vanishing Middle Class, pub. by Seccession  [English PDF | German PDF]
2012 Matters of Fact. Text to go with photo series of the same name. [PDF]
2011 First Contract & Chain Reaction. Context of the art works in the title [PDF]
First Contract (excerpts) in: Identity issue of on site no 25
Fact or Truth. Notes on images by Lisl Ponger in nevertheless No. 02
2010 Orientalism in orientalism and ephemera, (ed) Jamelie Hassan, West Coast Line 64, Vol 43, No 4
Parenthetical Remarks on Five Photographs by Lisl Ponger in TAKE, vol 1, No 1
Make Believe. Catalogue text for Lisl Ponger: Werkschau XV, Fotogalerie Wien
2008 Cap Manuel. Essay with photos. Wieser Verlag, Klagenfurt.
Logbook 2006/2007: A Bulgarian Journey. DVD Rom, evn collection
2006 Hidden Histories: Remapping Mozart. DVD ROM. Concept only, together with Lisl Ponger. Code/development: Martin Sägmüller, dfkt.tk. Documentation of the project of the same name commissioned by the Wiener Mozartjahr 2006 [Website]
2004 ImagiNative: Research as Artistic Strategy. CD Rom, Haus der Kulturen der Welt
Lisl Ponger: Souvenirs, Passagen & déjà vu in Tour-isms: The defeat of Dissent – Critical Itineries. Antoni Tàpies Foundation.
2000 ImagiNative. Catalogue text for: Lisl Ponger: Photographs
1999 Dangerous Waters, or Where have all the subtitles gone? The context of Lisl Ponger’s Déjà vu. Published in the Ambulante Film Festival workbook, Mexico, 2011.
1992 The Peter Kien Project. Book for the exhibition of the same name.
Collective Memory, Collective Consciousness, text for catalogue to the Civitella D’Agliano Project

Selected texts about the works:

2013 Awakening the Night: Art from Romanticism to the Present. Belvedere (eds.) Agnes Huslein-Arco, Brigitte Borchardt-Birbaumer & Harald Krejci. [Mo’s Birthday]
Dark Side of the Moon: 9th Baltic Biennale. Catalogue. [Traveller’s Tales & ImagiNative]
Mobility. Catalogue. Fotogalerie Wien. [Hearsay, The Bottom Line & Naming the Game]
2010 unORTung. Catalogue. (ed.) Veronika Barnaš. [Chain Reaction & First Contract]
unORTung I-IV, Franz Thalmair, Kunstforum 206, p 362-3
Identity. Catalogue. Fotogalerie Wien. [Chain Reaction & First Contract]
2009 On the Tectonics of History. Catalogue [Demolition of Aspang Railway Station 2003 & The Trapdoor]
Tiefenrausch. Catalogue & reader. OK Offenes Kulturhaus. [The Trapdoor]
Transnational Activities in the Cultural Field: Interventionen zur Lage in Österrreich. Catalogue. [This is not a burning flag (with Lisl Ponger)]
2008 Art & Politics. Catalogue. Springer Verlag. [Traveller’s Tales]
2006 Von der Abwesenheit des Lagers: Reflexionen Zeitgnössischer Kunst zur Aktualität des Erinnerns. Catalogue/reader. Kunsthaus Dresden. [The Trapdoor]
2005 Zone 2005: Between Political Representation and Representational Politics. Booklet. [Demolition of Aspang Railway Station 2003]
Schweizer Krankheit + die Sehensucht nach der Ferne. Booklet. Kunsthaus Dresden. [Traveller’s Tales + I.D. Enitities]
Routes: 8 artists works on the theme of travel and migration by Brigitte Huck. Art Forum International. [Veiled Threats]
Interventionen gegen Rassismen by Vina Yun in Kulturrisse: Zeitschrift für radikaldemokratische Kulturpolitik, 03/2004. [Dar-el-Beida]
2004 Realitäten II: Gesellschaftswerte. Catalogue. Fotogalerie Wien. [ImagiNative]
The Black Atlantic. Tina Campt & Paul Gilroy. Catalogue. Haus der Kulturen der Welt. [Interview, Traveller’s Tales, I.D.Entities]
Black Atlantic – Travelling Cultures, Counter-Histories, Networked Identities by Florian Zeyfang in springerin, Vol X, No 4, p 63-4
Re: Location / 1-7 Shake. Catalogue. OK Centrum für Gegenwartskunst + Villa Arson. [I.D. Entities]
2002 re:Leviathan: Visuelle Formierung von Staatlicher Macht. Reader. Richard Brem, Cosima Rainer & Vitus Weh. [Change? – Change!]
Routes: Imaging Travel and Migration. (ed.) Christian Kravagna. Catalogue. [Veiled Threats]
2000 !Strenge Kammer? Catalogue. Musa. [Painting]
1999 Sightseeing. Painted objects. Catalogue in English, Deutsch and Braille with articles by Christa Blümlinger, Constanze Hill, Berndt Liepold-Mosser and Ernst Strouhal.
1982 Künstler die Kamen und Blieben. Catalogue. Secession. [Painting/objects]