1999 | Installation: dimensions variable | 35 objects/paintings; English and German versions | Various materials

Braille 1-1280pxThe project comprises 35 picture-objects made between 1996–98. Each contains a visual and a linguistic element. The latter is in one of two languages, German or English and the “message” is in Braille, a written code based on raised dots to be read with the finger tips. During an exhibition the sighted may only look at the works (as in a normal gallery) while the blind are allowed to explore the works by touch. Since the Braille is greatly enlarged, readers have to re-work their knowledge of space – it is the difference between the page of a book and a house-sized poster. One of the most important aspects of an exhibition of the works is the intended interaction between the sighted and the blind. It is an exchange which illuminates different interpretations of reality.

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