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The Green Bag
2007 | 7 min | Colour | Sound

The Green Bag is a single take. A 7-minute, real-time documentary shot from the terrace of the Circle Hotel restaurant in Gondor, Ethiopia. While it allows a brief look at the density and multiplicity of everyday interactions taking place around the camera, the film also stimulates questions related to defining the essence of what documentary film is as a cultural artefact. The simple act of framing creates a dramaturgy that at times resonates with early silent films.

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Traveller’s Tales
2003 | 13 mins | Colour | Sound

Through the use of found footage – outtakes from a decades old documentary about North African nomads – Tim Sharp has fashioned a radical critique of ethnographic filmmaking. In teaming personal narrative and theoretical commentary, he effectively exposes, considers, and undermines the narrative authority of a far from neutral gaze, the making of a postcolonial subject. Read More…

Veiled Threats
2002 | Video installation for three monitors, 1 projector and salt

The point of departure for the four-part video installation […] is a series of fragments of the 35mm film with the title “Tuareg” which was found at a flea market and probably shot around 1970. Tim Sharp’s thoughts revolve around the significance of the discarded, excised images which were of no apparent value for the “real” product which itself remains unknown. Looked at more closely, especially in the light of Sharp’s montage-producing new scenes, these out-takes prove to be informative with regard to the plot for the production of a documentary film. In the first place they are the shots made immediately prior to the “official” takes. They show the clapperboard with scene numbers or the arms of the film crew reaching into the image and they show, above all, the depicted, the Tuareg, in a ”preparatory” state, waiting for their cue. Read More…