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Capital Offence
2018 | Photo installation | Wallpaper, 12c pigment print (multiples of 90cm wide x 260 cm high) | 10 Lambda C-print 70 cm x 48 cm | 5 Lambda C-print 60 cm x 42 cm | All prints Dibond mounted

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2015 | Post card contents: 2 first day covers, USA, Nov. 23, 1943 | 2 official postage stamps commemorating 100 years of agrarian reform, Mexico, 1966 | 2 Zapatista propaganda “postage” stamps, Mexico, 1995

Postcard for Vienna Festwochen.

Postcard project for Vienna Festwochen 2015: Hotel Metropole. Der Erinnerung eine Zukunft geben [Hotel Metropole. Giving Memory a Future]

The postcard is concerned with actual events and their official historical interpretation (the construction of myths and master narratives and the appropriation of icons and counter-narratives) in the Austrian context of Morzinplatz/Hotel Metropole (Second World War) and its wider implications and connections.

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